Commerce CharityClear HostedForm payment module for DrupalCommerce



Charity clear is a payment processing gateway which enables you as a merchant to take payment from your customers. It is very similar in nature to WorldPay or SagePay. I often recommend it to small or medium sized businesses because the support and service is quite good and they are fairly inexpensive. Anyway, if you are looking at this page you probably know all of that! This page is designed to assist you in getting Charity Clear working with Drupal Commerce.

Download the Module

The module can be obtained from its drupal page here
You can either dowload it to your workstation and upload the module to your drupal installation using FTP or the browser in the admin section of your drupal site. If you are using linux you can use a tool like wget to download directly to your drupal installation.


Unpack/Zip: The module should be unpacked and placed in the appropriate modules directory. Generally this is the sites/all/modules directory. Wamp install path shown.


Enable: Enable the module by going to admin/modules and enabling it. It is found under the Commerce – Payment modules group.


Quick Configuration

To get the module working correctly and begin accepting payments you do need to set a couple of settings at a mimimum.

1. Navigate to the admin/config/workflow/rules section open the rule entitled “Debit or Credit Card (via Charity Clear Form)”. Commerce KickStart users can go via “store settings” and the “payment methods”.

2. Edit the action element entitled “Enable payment method: Debit or Credit Card (via Charity Clear Form”. Under the payment settings enter details including Charity Clear id and the signature password you have set (or you need to set) under your Charity Clear account management centre.

With these two settings set correctly you should now be able you to begin taking payments with your DrupalCommerce install and the Charity Clear payment processor.


The Charity clear module will write to the Drupal recent log. For example if the signature check failed – which might be an indication of a security breach a log will be written to the drupal event log. It is worth checking in this log periodically to see if the module has written any noteworthy events.


Configuration Setting Page Explained

The module has several settings which you as a store owner / admin can change to suit your preferences. The following is an explanation of them.

1. Merchant ID This is the ID that Charity Clear will give you when you sign up with them for a merchant account. If you want to test the service you can using a test merchant account (details on the Charity Clear website)

2. Currency ID This is the ISO code for currency you wish to accept. The module code defaults to 826 for the UK GBP (Pound)

3. Currency ID This is the ISO code of the country. This code defaults to 826 for the UK.

4. Signature Key This field is used for setting the signature key that you use to sign transaction between your shopping cart (Drupal commerce) and the Charity Clear payment gateway. It is a code you choose – and is basically a password.

5. Reference Prefix This is used to prefix your transaction in the Charity Clear transaction log. It is useful for identifying where where payment was made – especially if you have more than one website taking payments.

6. Charity Clear Server URL This is the url that payments are sent to. This is really only useful if you have customised the branding of your payment page and need to alter the url settings slightly.

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