Snapshot Rackspace CBS volume with Python Pyrax

This very simple example shows you how to take a snapshot of a Rackpace cloud volume. This document makes the following assumptions: -you have a Pyrax installed -you have your Rackspace API credentials key. -you know your Rackspace volume uid – which looks like this: 56568786-4659-67575-9ab3-6767968 1. Add the pyrax import 1 import pyraximport pyrax […]

Deleting EC2 Volumes with the Status of “Available”

Occasionally you might find your self with lots of “available” EC2 volumes that are not attached to any EC2 Instances. If you find yourself wanting to delete them then this little powershell snippet can help. NOTE: I will create a shell / Awk based snippet at some point also for the Linux / Mac users […]

Setting Up an AWS VPC with a Private and Public Subnets Part 1

Introduction This Article is designed to cover the process of setting up an Amazon AWS ¬†VPC with two distinct subnets one “private” with no direct access from public internet and a public subnet which can be accessed from the public internet. NOTE: Setting some of this up will of course incur Amazon charges so be […]