Building a Nature Pond in the UK

Mankind has all but won the war on nature. Species are in retreat all over the world and here in the UK the situation is no different. However, although the outlook for nature looks a bit bleak, all is not lost and there is one direct and simple action that you can take to help […]

Fiddling with Go and SDL2 Part 1

Summary Recently I fancied having a stab at getting GoLang to display 2D graphics as I was interested to see how difficult it was to do. As it turns out, it isn’t at all difficult at all as someone has created a Go binding for the SDL2 graphics library. The SDL2 library lets us draw […]

Setting up an AWS EC2 Autoscaler and performing a simple scaling up event.

AWS autoscalers, to me at least, are the service that standout as being one of the most “Elastic-y” in the Elastic offerings from AWS. They can be configured to automatically expand and shrink on demand.  Which by most definitions is pretty elastic. Autoscalers can be configured to fire up more ec2 compute instances when demand […]

Tweaking your PHP via php.ini and Puppet Augeas

If you have ever wanted to make a change to some of the settings to your php setup via PHP.ini file then using puppet and the augeas type could be the perfect solution. Augeas will read in a configuration file and allow you to specify changes and save them for you. Augeas is not actually […]

Delete Pyrax Cloud Block Storage Volumes Snapshots Older than N days

This very simple example shows you how to delete snapshots taken of rackspace cloud volumes older than N days. In this example N days will be 7 days. This example makes the following assumptions: -you have a Pyrax installed -you have your Rackspace API credentials key. -you know your Rackspace volume uid – which looks […]